Canyon Chaco National Historic Park

Canyon Chaco National Historic Park is a United States National Historic Park located in the southwest part of the state, bordering Farmington and Albuquerque. It is often confused with the Chihuahua Chaco National Monument Park. The park is named for the canyon-dwelling Pueblo Indians who lived around the early 1900s. A little history about Chihuahua Chaco: The area is actually referred to as Chaco Canyon, meaning, well, we don't know. This place is known for the Pueblo's ceremonial practices and art, their pottery and stone carving, and their horseback riding. Most of the ruins of the Pueblo can still be seen in the area today. Chihuahua Chaco also has many other historical features and areas that are open to the public, but visitors should remember that these areas may be closed during parts of the year because of extreme weather or other events. What's interesting about Chaco?

Because it is in the County, Chaco has a large variety of different activities for people of all ages. There are so many different types of shows and exhibits that you can choose from that you'll never be bored. If you want to get off and relax for a while, you might want to walk through some of the many areas of the Park or even take a hike or bike ride through some of the scenic vistas.

History and Visitation

There are also numerous historical exhibits at Chaco, including a Native American village, a site where the first settlers to the Park came and settled, and many other important historical landmarks. This historic area is also used for a number of historical reenactments, so if you're looking for a historical tour, you'll find them here as well. If you're interested in horseback riding, you might want to head over to the Park and take in one of their trail rides. The Park hosts a number of different horseback riding programs throughout the year. You can choose a riding program for beginners and professionals alike and participate in a number of different types of rides like, cross country riding, dirt biking, and whitewater rafting. If you have kids, they can have fun at the kids' ranch that are within the Park itself, where they can play horseshoes, feed chickens, and geese, and play games like cowboys. There are also museums at the Park. There's a museum that tells the story of the original Pueblo civilization, a museum that houses the remains of the original Pueblo Townhouse, a Native American museum, and a museum of Art that houses a complete work of art of the Chaco Indians themselves. There is also a Native American village that houses a number of artifacts from the times when the Chihuahuas lived in the canyon. This includes artwork and stone carvings that can be viewed from the air or hiked to.

Hiking and Adventure

For those who are looking to have an adventure, the Park has several hiking trails that are great for getting into the canyon and into the forest, or simply enjoying the solitude of the park itself. Many of the trails can be challenging, depending on your skill level. There are also picnic areas that are near the park. You can enjoy a picnic lunchtime picnic raven watching, or see what other birds you can identify. Hint: Buy a bird watching guide at the park store.